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Ludovic Roudy & Bruno Sautter
Ludovic Roudy
Pascal Bisset (Jinnh)
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32 365
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22 mn

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Overview and aim of the game

8 Masters’ Revenge is a fighting game for 1 to 4 players (only available for 2 players on BGA).

You are a martial arts master and you want to beat your opponents, strike after strike. Your only weapons are your 2 hands, represented by the 2 cards you have in play. Find the weak point in your opponent’s guard to deal damage to him.

As soon as his "health" marker reaches the last space of his life track (whose length depends of the number of players), he is out of the game.

The last surviving player wins the fight.

Turn break down

Active player (attacker)

The active player can choose to perform one of the following actions:

Draw 2 cards (or 1 card if he or she already has 3 cards in hand due to having a handsize limit of 4 cards). After drawing cards the active player may move one token, in his or her area, to an adjacent field. Important: A damange token that lies on a emtpy field can only be placed on an adjacent empty field, and a damage token that lies on a card can only be placed on an adjacent card!


Perform an attack! In order to do so the active player has to place a card from his/her hand in play. This card has to be put adjacent to the two cards already in play. The card that is not adjacent to the new card will be discarded and is the card that performs the attack. Now 5 steps take place:

  1. Apply token effect (if any).
  2. Check if the attack hits! An attack hits if the attacker’s attack value is exactly equal to the defender’s defense value. (the attack value is the value created with the new card put in play; more below).
  3. Deal damage if the attack hits.
  4. Apply the effect of the discarded card.
  5. Play an extra turn if a pair was formed with the new card (meaning that the center numbers are equal -> 1/1 2/2 3/3 4/4 5/5).

During the extra turn a new attack can be launched or 1 card can be drawn. When no new pair is formed or when a card is drawn the turn is passed on the the second player.

Passive player (defender)

When the active player launches an attack, the passive player has 3 options if certain conditions are met.

  1. Do nothing and take the blow (shouting: "that doesn't hurt me!")
  2. Block the attack. You can block an attack if you meet the following condition.
    1. If you have a card in play that has the same color as the card with which is attacked. (so you can block a yellow card with a yellow card).
    Blocking will reduce incoming dmg with 1. However, a card used for blocking stays in its blocking state, until it is discarded (used to attack), meaning you cannot use it a second time for blocking and you cannot form a pair with it. Most important if you're attacked a second time with a card of the same color and you still have the card in the blocking area you will suffer 2 additional damage.
  3. Counter the attack. You can launch a counter attack on your opponents attack when you meet 2 conditions.
    1. you have in play a card with a dragon symbol
    2. you have a card in your hand with a dragon symbol

    If both conditions are met, you can form a dragon pair by playing the dragon card from your hand next to the dragon card you have in play. Be careful, as your opponent may perform a counter attack on your counter attack, if your opponent matches both conditions as well. When the attacker is not able to counter the counter attack his/her turn ends immediately and as such the effects from the card with which was attacked are not applied. (You can continue countering each other until one of you no longer has a card with a dragon symbol, to put in play).

Computation of defense and attack values

The Attack value is equal to the sum of the numbers in the center of the couple of cards you have in play
The Defense value is equal to the sum of the numbers of both ends of the couple of cards you have in play

Example: you have a 2-4 and a 5-1 card in play. (2-4/5-1)
Thus attack value = 9 (4+5)
and defense value = 3 (2+1)

22개의 진행중인 게임

현재 진행 중인 게임 보기 (22개의 진행중인 게임)

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